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Fishing Report 7/3/07


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Hey All,

I fished Tuesday all day. The stream to me seemed a little bit lower than it was two weeks ago. Fishing was mediocre at best. Early am a hatch of PMD's was a pretty good size hatch. I picked up 7 fish on that in the swift pockets just below the spring hole. They seemed to lose interest in the PMD so I switched to a size 16 crackleback in sulphur and picked up 6 more fish in the same location. By 9am the fish pretty much lost interest in top water so I switched up till I found they were ready to take a zebra midge size 18. I fished the midge under a Palsa float and on a dead drift.

Let me tell you about the crowd that started rolling in about noon. I usually like to fish weekdays because of the lack of crowds. This was no normal weekday to say the least. People came in multiples. I tried to find a hole without people but, I gave up on that notion pretty quickly. I ate lunch and went back out around 1:30pm and it took a while to get back on the fish. The people around must have had an effect on the fish. Later in the afternoon I finally started catching good numbers of fish once again. The fish were rising to take something but, I just couldn't figure out what. So..I went to my old stand by. The crackleback size 12. I proceeded to catch about 2 dozen fish before a heavy fog rolled in on the surface of the stream. I couldn't hardly see the fish rising yet alone see my fly. So I headed back upstream towards the truck when I arrived at the spring I noticed nobody was there and I fished there till the whistle. I picked up 7 more fish there on a orange bodied stimulator.

All in all it was a decent day on the water with the exception of the crowd. Also I saw about six deer while I was fishing. They were really moving around for some reason.

If you are headed there be warned that was a pretty good sized crowd for a weekday.

Take Care,


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