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From 2005. 38.5 inch brown trout from lake taneycomo. IGFA fly rod, line class, world record and former Missouri state record.

Here’s me yesterday at Taney. 

Menominee River, Niagara Wisconsin Meramec, St. Claire, MO

Posted Images

50 minutes ago, fishinwrench said:

Salt river? Green water?   

Where'd y'all used to put in at? 

Indian something or other, it’s the ramp just east of Hwy 40/61 just past the New London exit.

"Honor is a man's gift to himself" Rob Roy McGregor

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~1995+/- 30" Northern Pike from Big Creek spillway, Iowa


1983-ish, on a southern Iowa farm pond


Rock Bass from Nungesser Lake, Ontario...@2009


@1996 - Coho (Silver) Salmon from the shore of Lake Michigan, WI.


@1992 My first Yellow Bass, Lake Icaria, Iowa



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1996(?) Hawaiian island of Kaua'i.  Peacock Bass.


Same trip...Spotted Tilapia:


~2003. Des Moines River, Iowa.  Freshwater Drum.


~2003. Nungesser Lake, Ontario.  Northern Pike.


2005. Same lake.  Northern Pike.


2011. Same lake.  41.5" Northern Pike.


(next several pictures) Mid- to late- 1990's.  A Lake Michigan tributary in WI.

Big Brook Trout:




Chinook (King) Salmon:

I hooked one of these on an egg-sucking leech pattern in a small pool above a broken lowhead dam.  It charged downstream over the dam, and just kept going, through some logs, sticks, around a creek corner, etc.  I chased it downstream, slipping on algae-covered riprap and rocks, dunking my rod & reel under the logs and sticks to get to the other side...I was scraped up and bloodied, but finally caught up to the fish and landed it.  I returned to the pool.  Next cast, another salmon did the exact same thing...went over the dam...I was worn out.  I decided not to chase the fish, and just gave it a bunch of slack line.  Wouldn't you know?  The fish turned around and swam right back up into the pool, and I landed it without all the drama!



~1996.  Fishing near a creek mouth along the shore of Lake Michigan.  27.5" Brown Trout. 7.5 lbs.


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