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Creating an exploding amphipod population (scud ) habitat

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I have been doing research on scuds...the life blood of Taneycomo Trout and one of the limiting factors...back in the day it seemed to be lots more of the little bundles of trout candy... I looked to the aquarium trade and found interesting solutions that would be worth trying...a breeding habitat of corrugated waterproof board ( like used to make political signs in your yard) is cut to fit the inside of a cinder/concrete block ( de-limed 1st) attached with critter friendly aquarium grade silicone adhesive.....a small aquarium scud hut is sold for this purpose....to de-lime concrete for garden or pond use a kiddie pool and a jug of vinegar water solution is used soaking for a day or so then rinsing ( nice spring rains for a day or 3 helps) would be ideal...a number of blocks could be arranged and attached together ( ha! I knew flex steel had a use) position would be important as to remain viable after a high water current event....

though about the feeding part but a floating crappie basket cabled to a brick close to the breeding blocks would work, cuttle fish bone attached to the basket wire inside would be warranted along with the veggies fed to the scuds, trout scraps might be viable as well and supply the nutrients needed for exoskeleton health...

Worth a small scale test...if results are favorable larger scud reefs would pump out mass quantities of lunker bulking Trout food


MONKEYS? what monkeys?

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