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Been on the water two or three times over the last week and have had mixed luck in the 40° water. Been catching a ton of short Crappie and over the last three outings have ended up with around 22 keepers. All of the Crappie were caught on jigs anywhere from 12 to 25 feet over 30 to 35 feet of water.   I’ve also caught a number of nice largemouth on swim baits, don’t know where the small fish are but the 3 to 4 1/2 pound fish have been pretty active on main-lake points.  I also caught this big white on the Crappie jig and thought I had the whopper crappie of all times.  The walleye have slowed down  for me this past week, the places where I was catching them I don’t seem to get bit at all. Maybe they have all swam to the dam to spawn. 
On a side note........  I wanted to support the economy so I went out and bought a new Ram.  Unfortunately the tri-fold hard cover for my old Ram pickup  won’t fit the new Ram’s bed  It’s still in really good condition if you know anybody looking for a cover, it will fit an 02 to 2019 bed that’s a little over 6’.  Heck I’ll even install it for somebody. If you’re interested shoot me a message.

Tight Lines, spring is right around the corner!





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1 hour ago, Skeeter ZX190 said:

With the weather now, and the forecast for at least the next week, you're going to need an ice breaker to get to your favorite spots.  

My favorite spot right now is the room with the wood stove.

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