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Suggestions for the "wrong" hook...


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Looking for suggestions.  I have a bunch--several hundred at least-- #4 offset sprout hooks.  Think offset bass hooks and you'll get the idea. They are the old high-quality Fenwick hooks which are superb if you're fishing with really small plastics. However, I'd rather use them for flies and am looking for suggestions.

The problem I have with them is that the shank between the bend and the eye is fairly short, so it's difficult to tie a decent wing.  I've played with a couple of things back in cutthroat country, but they weren't stellar.  Now that I'm not fishing for trout, help would be greatly appreciated.


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This image is a wee bit shaky--too much caffeine I guess-- but you get the general idea. I've tried a number of the usual patterns, like Wooly Worm and various hackle patterns, but none of them look that impressive.  Dunno, y'know. I'm after inspiration.


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These have two bends in the offset like a worm hook rather than a single bend like a jig hook?

Tie the wing to the "vertical'' leg between the hook shank and the eye shank, then force it to lie in line with the shank with thread. Or tie in a heavy mono "shank" extension and build on that, tie tubes with the eye seated in the tube. With the hook in hand I'd maybe think of some other way to use them, but  most likely  what I'd do, give them to worm fishers and buy a box of #3366 in the size I want.

s-l300.jpgThis is similar? 

yes I see it is

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