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Anybody out there practicing for next Saturday's FLW?

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We have a TV in our exercise room. Sure helps pass the time on that stationary bike! 

I got tired of the boredom on my treadmill so I walked down in the MO River bottoms yesterday.  3 miles in the snow.  Wind was whippin but once I got going it wasn't bad.  Wouldn't fish in it though. 

At 7:00 this morning it was -20 on my Davis weather station and that was fifteen minutes after our power went off for a little over two hours.  Got down to 62 upstairs, 57 downstairs and 27 in the gar

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6 Inches at Baxter and the Ramp is Snow covered over a layer of Ice from three days of the freezing rain/drizzle.  -6 F here this A.M. 2/16/2021.  Forecast is for 3 to 5 inches more Snow tonight and tomorrow.  Local side roads have not been touched.  Correction: just dropped to -7 F. 

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-10 here in the Halltown area. I was out giving some love to the Hardy stove. That was my first thought. Thank God, no wind. That would have stung. Second thought was, I am glad I don't have go out and deal with that railroad. Just to old for that stuff anymore!!

Luck is where preparation meets opportunity...... Or you could just flip a coin???B)

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