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Roundhouse shoals 3/1


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I waded Roundhouse Shoals this morning and had a good day. They turned the water on at the dam around 6am for the first time in a week. I knew the water would come up around 11am so I planned accordingly. Caught a golden rainbow, 1 nice cutthroat, a decent brown along with lots of stocker rainbows and a couple of better rainbows. Best flies were ruby midges and a Y2K. Around 10am fish started coming up to what looked like small mayflies along with a few caddis. I caught a few on dry flies, but had to exit as I knew the water was coming.

Here's a few pics...


Rainbow2 3=1.JPG

Rainbow 3-1.JPG

Golden 3-1.JPG


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1 hour ago, fshndoug said:

Do you ever fish anything other than a y2k or ruby midge because that is always what you catch your fish on? Nice fish.

In another week or two it will be nothing but caddis dry flies, than sulphurs in June/July.😁


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