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Wanted: 410 shotgun


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Good Morning,

I am on the hunt for a 410 shotgun.

I purchased a 20 gauge 870 to introduce hunting and the shooting sports to an 11 year old girl.

She is a little hesitant with this firearm so i thought a 410 might be a better option for now.

Anyone have anything they would be willing to part with?


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That is a good choice.  I gave my daughter one for her 13th birthday.  Her son grew up with it.  It is now waiting on his daughters to get a little bigger.

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I've got my dad's side-by-side Montgomery Ward 410 circa about 1930 that was his first gun. First gun I shot, and first gun each of my three babies shot. I gotta hang onto it, but not sure what'll ever happen with it. They won't be arguing over that one :D 

Hope you're able to find one. I think it's a good way to get someone started.


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I have a mossburg bolt action, that I would part with. I have 200.00 in it. so thats what I would want for it. I have shot it on squirrels on and off for about 3 years. But I am going back to a 22lr. I am in Hillsboro and would have to be a face to face purchase, as I will not ship unless you are willing to pay for that, from a dealer

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