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Filling your freezer


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It seems so many load up on fish, crappie is an example...TR you can keep 15 fish 10” or more per day....if you have 30 in your freezer....catch any more you legally are over your limit.....how much better would our fishing be if meet hogs just followed the regs?



MONKEYS? what monkeys?

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7 hours ago, fishinwrench said:

The only ones I know about, that I feel are most likely over their possession limit on any given day.... are the ones who do the Friday fish fry's at the Catholic church.   

But it's pretty obvious that they get a nod and a pass.  🙄

They only had one fish but Jesus turned it into enough for everybody.

Or maybe they are buying some of those boxes of frozen fish from Korea. 



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I reckon anytime there is a fish fry for more than 2-3 people that either over limit or store bought  fish has to be involved. But it's possible that by filleting a trout or crappie that each one could provide 16 pieces. 

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They popped that guy at Taney a few years ago with a freezer full.  Hundreds if I remember right.  I thought about calling the authorities on a guy that has hundreds of crappie in his garage freezer.  He was so proud of them🙄.  What a loser.   I still think about it since I bet he still does it.  "He donates them to the church fish fry".   Like that makes it ok??!!!

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