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Curious--what's your set-up at Bennett Spring, particularly leader and tippet ?

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This I've discussed on other boards when Bennet Spring came up, but what's your typical tackle at the park?

I use an inexpensive Cabelas 6 wt. and 6X leaders in summer. I often use 7x tippet.

Stripping cracklebacks, I use a sink tip and  4lb. Vanish off a short piece of 15-20 lb. monofilament. 

The Vanish was a suggestion of a Bennett Spring resident a few year ago who was strolling the park with a young grandson and observed me fishing a standard tapered leader. He said never bother with the expense of the leader and go with something like Vanish or Vanish Gold off the monofilament.  He knew from observing that it worked just as well and was a lot cheaper. He was right on both counts.

(FWIW, I have a strong suspicion I was talking to Oneshot). 


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I use the same setup for stripping cracklebacks and woolies.  Generally use a tapered leader with a 5 or 6X tippet for nymph fishing.  I stick with mono for dry fly but generally go to fluro for wet flies.   Of course, a lot depends on water clarity and how spooky the fish are on a given day.

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