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Jacks Fork Adventure and heartbreak

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Decided two weeks ago were we going to do the upper Jacks from Prongs to Rymer . I believe it totaled about 16 miles . 
Put in at Y hwy South Prongs water was @ 222 cfs upon arrival . We were greeted with some male anatomy painted on every tree at the Access . F bombs painted on all the rocks . Felt really nice leaving the vehicle there for the shuttle . The river was perfectly clear and just amazing . My buddy fished for 39 minutes or so without a bite. I spotted a small hole up ahead of him with a tree crossing it . I eased up there picked up the rod and told him . “ I’m going to get out to a lead on my first cast” sure enough landed a nice 15 inch smallmouth . This fish ended up being the biggest of the trip . We probably caught 50-60 fish in three days , vast majority were under 8” long though . Also, there is an ugly portage about a mile and half down from prongs . A tree all the way across the fast fall . With a sweeper right to the roof wad. Definitely not a spot to mess with . So we portaged around it .First day we floated about 3 miles and set up camp . The first night was cold 🥶 getting down to 26 . We were equipped though and stayed warm in the bag . All three days there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky and in three days we only seen 2 people on the river and they were just doing mile long day floats . I will say the river is a bit tricky . Sunday morning first rapid the girl high centers on a big rock in fast current . She was ok until she wasn’t and flipped . Nice wake for the morning up but she stood up and waded out . Only lost a pocket knife . There are so many caves on the float it’s crazy . Bluff after bluff with deep blue water . Made it to Jam up cave on Sunday . Probably the coolest thing I’ve seen in the state . Its really intimidating walking into it . And a far drop to the left . All in all we had a fantastic three days on the river . It was the first time in the Jacks and it did not disappoint. I wouldn’t recommend floating it at anything less than 200 cfs .

On a different note , when we drove out of Rymers and got cell signal we each had messages from our friends . Letting us know some terrible news. One of my good friends and his family were in a car accident on highway 13 Saturday . His wife didn’t make and passed away. She was the kind of person who made everyone’s life better RIP Jess 

Get out there live , explore , laugh , drink , fish . Experience all you can for we never know when it’s all done . Until next time cheers ! 


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