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Big M 4/8 and 4/9

Toby Estes

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Really good day today. Caught fish regularly all day long. Probably 10-15 keepers. Really good morning bite with cloud cover. Several spinnerbait fish early. Then went to shaky heads, ned, and finese jig. Wife put a big fish  whoopin on me. We were fishing around a dock in the back of a creek and she yelled “NET”.  I said your hung up, your line isn’t moving. Well I was very wrong. Fish went right at 6lbs.






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Toby, nice day fishing for sure. Congratulations.


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  • Toby Estes changed the title to Big M 4/8 and 4/9
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Hadn’t planned on fishing table rock on Friday, but after the day we had Thursday we had to. Glad we did. Found some fish busting shad in the back of a cove first thing. Caught em almost every cast for about 20 minutes. No big ones but a couple nice keepers. Probably about 10 keepers again today. Biggest was almost 5. 





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