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April 9-10 James River Arm

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What a difference a day makes.  Fished both days from Piney down to around Aunts Creek.

Friday the 9th - Fished from sun up to around 2:30, or whenever the storm blew in.  Ended the day with around 60 fish with only 5 keepers.  80% of those came on jerkbait with a few mixed in on top water,  jig, ned, and a-rig.  Water temp was 59 when we started and we saw it as warm as 64 before leaving.  Fished a lot of steeper banks.  Caught several fish right up on the bank.  Fun day, just wish we could have found something with some size.

Saturday the 10th - Fished in the Joe Bass tourney and the lake let us know who was boss.  Ended the day only boating 7 bass with 1 barely 15" keeper.  The only highlight was finding a school of white bass that were angry.  Caught several of those and had a couple that hit 3lbs.  Kudos to the guys that caught em, because we sure couldn't.  There were boats everywhere with the 3 tourneys going on and I'm sure that did not help our cause.

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I was fishing  the bash all 3 days. Friday I fished  from cape fair to campers point. Had similar results crankbait bite was good on steeper banks. Saturday went to aunts and fished up. Caught a couple In aunts but nothing like Friday. Sunday was just tough with the traffic and high sky’s. I wish I would have stayed in the upper James. I didn’t realize how 3 days of hard bass fishing can whoop ya! 

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