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Found some, Swan Creek 4/13

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Yesterday, I was picked as part of a 12-man jury here in Taney County.  Two day trial I was told.  Never been called to served and was actually looking forward to the experience.  But it only took 4 minutes for the judge to dismiss us this morning, leaving 2 days with nothing to do (yeah right!).

I wanted to go somewhere and catch crappie or white bass or both.  I left the resort not knowing where I'd go.  A series of turns led me to Shadow Rock Park at the mouth of Swan Creek on Bull Shoals.  I'd been there on Saturday and didn't do that good but I had 3 rookies with me.  I wanted to give it another chance.

Spent some time below Powersite - around the rock pile where I was seeing a bunch of fish on the Livescope but no takers.  Water temp 48.  Worked the east bank down quite a ways - nothing.  Caught a brown trout there on Saturday.  Headed to Swan.

Pulled in about 5:30 pm.  Water temp 58.  Looked around the mouth and didn't see much.  Went to the bend across from the park and got a bite over close to the edge of the field.  Short story - I fished the field, 3 feet of water and caught a bunch of big blue gill.  Then I found the crappie, one white and a walleye (short).  Quite a bit of action - all on the field and most in 3-4 feet of water.  All on a white/blue 3/32nd oz jig.

Video to follow.

Lilleys Landing logo 150.jpg

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