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Flambeau tackle bag review

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Well, about 6 months ago I bought two small double sided tackle bags made by Flambeau. I don't know the model, it's a two sided small bag about 10x10".

One bag has my panfish stuff in it. The other has misc.bass tackle I take with me when I fish from shore. 

Here's the deal, the zippers suck! Both bags the zipper teeth just crumble and fall off now and you cant zip up the bags shut anymore. I have to use a heavy duty rubber band to keep them closed now. For what they charge for a little bitty tackle bag, like $30, you'd think the zippers would work.

Read the reviews online about Flambeau and bad zippers before you buy, I wish I would have 😆

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I've reached out a few times. It's been days without a reply now. I guess nobody reads emails there. really don't want to call them because I hate talking to customer service representatives

. Most of the time,with a lot of companies, you get somebody in India or Pakistan, even when the company is located in the US,and they usually have a very strong accent lol.

I don't want any more of their Shi* zippers anyway 🤬😁

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