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7 hours ago, Phil Lilley said:

I'm in Florida... flew in today.  You know how those travel days go... flights, rent the car, TRAFFIC!  They are nuts down here in Broward County!! 

Been there and done that for close to four days of heavy driving! Don't know where you will be but they are even worse the closer you get to Miami🙄.

Good luck Phil.

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Maybe its a "fish size" issue.  Others post pictures of big fish...they don't show up.  I post pictures of little fish, they show up everywhere. 😁

I don't know if this is part of the issue, but folks may not be aware of the different ways you can post photos to forums like this.  If you copy and paste a photo, that photo resides on the site, and is stored with it.  Can you imagine how many pictures are on this forum?  That's a big memory issue that can cause other issues to arise more frequently.

The best way to help avoid this is for everyone to store their photos separately elsewhere...for example, I currently use gifyu.com, but there are other photo hosting websites.  Then just copy the photo's URL link to your post on this website.  The photo shows up fine, but isn't physically stored here, keeping the OAF website smaller, faster, more streamlined. 

I've posted photos both ways here, but mostly I post the URL links.  I don't know what anyone else is doing, just throwing this out there.

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