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Another nice one 5/3


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Launched at White Hole in the fog this morning and ran up to a shoal that has been good on the caddis hatch. Problem was the fog didn't clear off till around 10 am. Caught some rainbows, 1 cutthroat and a brown on the egg/midge combo. Then when the fog finally burned off I started seeing some caddis and a few fish rising for them. I tied on a size 16 elk hair caddis and had steady action for about an hour, then the clouds rolled in and the bugs disappeared. It was fun while it lasted. I saw the trout in the attached picture come up and take 5 or 6 caddis and I thought it was a brown cause all I could see was the mouth. After 3 drifts it finally took the fly and it turned out to be a nice 22" rainbow.  



DSCF8795 (4).JPG

DSCF8798 (2).JPG


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5/4 update...

We had over an inch of rain here in Cotter last night and the river looks like chocolate milk. I went back to the same shoal this morning and the water was clear up there and fishing was pretty much the same as yesterday.

Here is the best rainbow of the morning on the elk hair caddis...


DSCF8800 (2).JPG


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