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5-3 Kimberling to Mill Creek

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Had a few hours to kill yesterday so i put in at Mill about 9:30, water temp 65.  Tried to get a bite going on the big spoon under docks but they are not quite there yet. Had a lot of chasers but none committed.  I started running the bank and found some on beds and the ones that were still on beds were willing to play. Tossed jigs, wacky worm, shakey head but the only thing i could get the bed fish to eat was a ned. Ended up with 5 keepers for a whopping 10.59lbs. Also caught plenty of short fish. Most the fish still on the beds that I saw were spots.  I did get off the bank for a minute and threw a 3.3 Keitech and quickly caught a 16" smallmouth. But i couldnt stick with it knowing i could watch them eat the Ned.  Snapped a couple pics, nothing big




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