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Motorguide bracket Q

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Probably a Wrench Q, but does anyone know if an older 36v Tour will fit the collar on a bracket for the new Tour.

Asking because I am looking into getting my old digital Tour 109 fixed, the used Tour 109 I am fishing with is pretty solid, and I have a new Tour in the box at home.

If the old ones fit the collar, and lay correctly in the new bracket, I'd think about putting the new one on this summer, and keep the old ones as spares. If they won't, I'll probably return the new motor.


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2 hours ago, Dutch said:

417-833-9191 Scott or Brad at Marine Repair Center can more than likely answer that.

I almost ran up there with my old digital Tour this afternoon. Might yet this trip, depending on the weather.

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7 hours ago, fishinwrench said:

I'm not sure what the upper shaft diameter is on either, but if it is the same then I can't imagine why not.   

That's what I was thinking. 

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