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5/7 Snagging

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Beaver has been running water over the spill way for a couple weeks now and I manage to get down every couple days and do some snagging. Right now 7500+ CFS. 

Today was the first time I've had any luck. I managed to snag one good fish that came off before I could get it in. Not sure if it was a spoonie but it did have some pull. 

Additionally I fished for 2 hours and can literally can count on one hand the number of times I reeled in with a bare hook. Almost every single cast I had 3 or 4 shad on my hooks. None are floating but it didn't matter where I cast out in current, slack water, and seams every single place just choked full of shad. 

If a guy isn't worried about the flow I bet dragging shad flies or live shad for that matter would crush it on the walleye, whites, and striper down there right now. 

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