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I love TRDs


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My neighbor and I fished mid Big Sac arm from 2-6 pm.  We spent one hour with swimbaits with only one strike and O fish.  We went to the Ned with TRDs.  Any color was good (easy money, pb&j, green pumpkin, molting craw and yoga pants) just to name some.  We caught brown, green, spotted and mean bass.  We wound up with 45 bass 9 were keepers (4 green and 5 brown).  Toss in 3 whites and 2 green sunfish and the day totaled out at an even 50.  We left biting fish.  They were on ledges and bluffs.


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Was up there last week. It wasn't till the end of the day that I figured out as you found that the ledges and bluff ends were better than the spawning areas.

The answer may not lie at the bottom of a glass, but you should always check

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