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Snagging the tailwater

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I set out this year with 1 goal to catch an Arkansas Master Angler fish. I thought the 2 least likely candidates were crappie and the miscellaneous category. Crappie because I think its the hardest category and miscellaneous because I don't generally fish those species. As fate would have it, miscellaneous category would be my first.

I had a really nice dude show me the error of my ways Sunday night after unsuccessfully jerking for 1.5 hrs. He rolled up and caught a spoonie on his first cast. I broke my reel which kept me from finishing Sunday night. I took an extended lunch break Monday which gave me all of 15 minutes to play. I hooked up with a 48lber on my 3rd cast. My buddy who is along for the ride for the Arkansas challenge, came down and we got him on a 50lber later in the day and saw several other larger fish caught by others. 

For those who aren't interested in snaggin, COE has dropped the flow, for the time being. 2100cfs to me is perfect for fishing like I like. Here is a list of what I know as of now:

-Paddlefish are there. IF you know what your doing. 

-Tons of gar right below the dam. 

-Still lots of walleye in the river. 

-Whites are there but scattered I believe.

-I saw what I believe is a decent school of striper a week or 2 ago when they first opened the gates(I've heard of at least one good'un being caught).

-I've heard of 1 or 2 good smallmouth being caught. I'm sure they came over the dam. 

-Trout obviously.

All that being said, the tailwater is choked full of 2-4" shad. I've been snagging 2-3 on every cast. Since there's so much bait, I figure fishing could be difficult. 


I think I'll give the tailwater a break. Striper, smallmouth, and bream are the next targets. 




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