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Walleye report


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fished today had 9 keepers 9 shorts.  Bottom bouncing  in 15 to 22 ft. Had to move around. Find fish with sonar go over a couple times.  Catch 2 or 3. Move to next spot.

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7 hours ago, Harps said:

Sounds like the crappie spawn is over then?

It's over, but I think it hardly happened this year.  Falling water temps in mid to late April really hurt the spawn, I believe.  Two weeks ago we were catching some scattered, undersize male crappie in 9-10 feet of clear water in some of the coves - I think they were guarding a few nests back then, but they were not concentrated.  Occasional keeper females at that time were widely scattered and on humps and ridges in deeper water.

This past Thursday, the 13th, the two of us got limits of barely-legal walleyes and caught many more short walleyes.  We caught 4 legal crappie, 11" to 13", in 18'-20' of very clear water plus about 10 short crappie.  When we cleaned the four crappie we found they were one male and three females that were re-absorbing their eggs.  There is no post-spawn crappie pattern going on that we can find.

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