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May 14 & 15 Report from the average guys


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Drove down from Kansas City with @MO Huzgr and some family from Nebraska (including my 88 yr old grandfather!) to fish this weekend. 

Came prepared to run the bluff end deal after reading several reports of finding post spawn fish there. Found a few fish but bass were all short and just one "line-burner" walleye. Saturday morning was a struggle while the front moved in. We continued to run mostly main type of stuff, mostly points and adjacent bluff ends. Had a few bites but they seemed to be short striking. I believe that @MO Huzgr had some more success that morning. 

Regrouped for lunch and dodged a rain shower. Decided to begin the afternoon by starting at the back of creek arms near spawning cover. Caught a few keeper bass right away and the fishing only got better as we moved into the middle of the creek arm by 45 degree rock banks. Anecdotally it seemed like the most bites were produced in areas with sparse buck brush, as opposed to 100% brush shorelines. Kept the boat in 18ish FOW and was able to get bit casting at a 45 degree angle in front of the boat toward the shore. Quickly found that our better fish were coming from casting into 15ish FOW straight in front of the boat. Ended up catching some decent fish with good numbers (for us) Saturday afternoon. All fish came from a PB&J Ned other than a couple Whopper Plopper fish at dusk on Friday evening. Didn't catch anything really big but caught a few that were right around 3#.  

I had to leave Saturday evening around 6p but I know that @MO Huzgr had continued success Saturday evening and Sunday morning. If we're lucky he'll update with any additional insights. 


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Yup.  Pretty much what @basspastor said.   We never really got bit on main lake despite throwing the arsenal at them. Most every fish came back in one of the coves. My settled on green pumpkin Ned as pretty much my only bait from Saturday afternoon through Sunday. Most fish caught between about 8 to 15 ft deep. Probably equal parts smallmouth and large mouth, maybe 20 total.  On Sunday got a couple walleye on the ned as well and "gramps" also got some walleye on jig and crawler.  Water temps pretty much around 61-62 range.  All in all a fun trip squeezed in between the rain.  


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