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Table Rock Topwater Explosion

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5-18-21 Current Table Rock Lake Fishing Report. Shell Knob. 


Loaded up Howard and Richard at 05:30 under somewhat dreary and foggy sky's, daylight just beginning to creep in a bit.   

Started at point 19 and fished to almost the 39 bridge, just point hoping.  Did not fish a single location that we did not have either a big jaw or LM on the Berkley Surge Shad and missed way, way more than we got to the boat. 


Surface temps at 63 after the last couple of warm nights. Top water bite lasted till 7:30 kind of correlationing with the shad spawn. From 7:30 to 9:30 they just destroyed the 1/2 oz. Dixie Jet, getting a bite every other cast or so. I didn't say catching, I said getting bit. We had a terrible case of the droppsies this morning  but it didn't matter as there was another bite coming. 


They also bit the Keitech with a 1/4 oz. Head in Thread Fin Shad but not as well as the flutter spoon.



This pond is crazy. Fish hammered them on The bank with the blade and out 100 yrds. behind him we took them to the cleaners this morning on the deep stuff and on top early.

This was my first real topwater deal of the year. 

It was foggy so excuse the poor pics. 


It wasn't hard this morning. Man this lake is impossible to figure out at times.

Hero to zero pretty quick out here. I'm sure I'll pay for my success today, next time out. 


Good Luck. 

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