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5/24 multi species


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Fished 8-11:30

WT 72

2' visibility

Went to a different spot today. Started out crappie fishing.. They were stacked on this tree. I'd fish it for about fifteen minutes,catch seven or eight, leave and go fish for bluegill and bass for a half hour or so and then revisit the tree. Caught 29 crappie off that thing. Most of them were short 7-9" but some were bigger 10-10. 1/2" Same jigs and depths and presentation I've been using all month. 

Didn't keep anything this time .

little girl spawned out,all of them were post spawn and no belly.


Bass fishing was slow, I picked one area and committed to the shallow bite. And they were shallow,3'or less on wood, laydowns on wacky rig senkos. Caught 4 today. one was about 3 lbs. The other three 13-14". All largemouth post spawn. Saw two bass beds, one had a fish on it, the other was vacant.

In between the bass and crappie I had some pretty big numbers on the bluegill, not jumbo but big enough to eat for sure.  Found them in the back of a pocket in 1-3fow on gravel bottom. Micro jigs with powerbait, panther Martin spinners.

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