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Now would be an excellent time to hit creek ...


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On 6/5/2021 at 10:06 AM, tjm said:

Ive never had much luck fly fishing blown out creeks, what do you do and what areas do you target when water is this high?

Well total blow out you sit on thw couch and pout... However , once the water starts to fall it creates perfect conditions. Fish the edges anywhere the current is softer. The fish will hit with reckless abandon and big bugs or little bugs work equally good. Streamers seem to shine in my experience. Buggers have and always will be the best crane creek streamer. I weight mine with a tungsten bead in sizes from 12 up to 6. Focus on structure or edies and edges . wading is difficult if the water is very high. Just get as close as you can and make splash with the fly. 

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