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Sell My Camping Stuff?


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My wife just called wanting to know if I want to sell our Camping stuff?

Always have it to fall back on. I like Camping but she is not sure about me being able to get up from the Cots.

We have our Cabin, Job pays for our room every so often and use Airbnb.

I don’t know?


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1 hour ago, Dutch said:

If you ain’t usin it it’s just crap in the way is how I see that kind of thing.  Personally I prefer a bed, flushing stool, and a shower even if it costs a few bucks.

Yea the most we ever spent was $1,000 and most of that was on Alcohol which I don’t drink that much anymore.

Last time I camped was on a hunting trip with my Son. Most the time I was taking Pain Pills and drinking so I wasn’t feeling anything and had no problem sleeping. No I wasn’t hunting.

Worst place we ever stayed was Tan Tara.

We thought about a Camp Trailer but it isn’t safe me pulling anything and my wife don’t like pulling anything.


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