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6/7 Springfield Lake

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Last night, I went kayak fishing on Springfield Lake. I was on the water by 6pm. The weather was perfect for fishing! I stayed in the area near the park boathouse and did not make it out to the more open water. I fished the grass and lily pads along the open channels using a jig, a ned rig, a spinnerbait, and a walking topwater bait.  I did not get a strike until about 7pm...then, I got my first bite on the pause using my topwater bait. I ended up catching three largemouth bass along the grass lines using this bait and technique. I hung a larger largemouth that probanly woukd have been about 2lbs but he threw the lure after jumping. My split ring must have been coming off because that and the hook were gone when I reeled it back in!!

This was only my third time out kayak fishing. I purchased a Perception Outlaw 11.5. I love it so far. It is a bit of a beast...but it is extremely stable and very well-designed. I should get my Garmin Striker Vivid 4CV installed soon as well as my anchor trolley system. I already have a lot of the needed (or wanted) accessories.  

Next time, I will measure or weigh the fish. These were all about or close to one pound and probably 10-13 inches in length or so.




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Most of that grass and those lanes are pretty shallow. Shallow enough to get your kayak stuck in the mud at times. The those deeper edges are good. Heading up the lake to the north you will find some better fishing usually. 



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