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June 10, Indian Creek area


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Tough morning, there was some early activity but by about 9 AM everything just died.  Caught 4 smallmouth, only one was decent sized.  All on a Keitech.

Still very little top water striper activity.  I did have a few come up within casting distance of the boat, worked a pencil popper over them, had several swirls, then one slammed it and knocked it three feet into the air.  Never got a hookup and then they were gone.  I saw them, they were little 3-5 lbers, so it's not like I had some 20 lbers chasing it.  Saw one other little school like that earlier by the launch and that was it.

Had a good smallmouth miss the top water too, he exploded on it like a striper, missing it of course, then as I kept working the popper, he came back, blew up on it again, and jumped right over it.  

Surface water temp was 79 when I left, last week it was 70.  It was getting downright hot and humid when I left at 1030.


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Bummer on the striper....I'm still seeing reports on FB of people finding top water fish but I think these reports are happening father down lake than the dam area. Most of the time they are guides too so it helps to spend every day on the water. Did you see many guide boats in the area?

I may give it a whirl Sunday.......going to the hatchery in Centerton Saturday morning so Sunday will be my first shot in awhile. 

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I did not see a single guide boat.  I agree that the striper bite is probably further down lake.  I have family in town for the next week so I won't be fishing again until June 21 at the earliest.  

If I was to go tomorrow, I'd think about launching at Lost Bridge South and heading down to the Clifty area and see if I could find any stripers around there.

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