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Taneycomo Fishing Report for June 14th. 2021

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What a great past week we had even with an extremely low flow, clear 48 degree water and just about the maximum tolerable limit of fishing pressure.  Our trout performed like Champions. 

Restricted Zone;

Tan, Grey or UV Scuds were trout food dejure this past week. With the slower flow size 14 and even 16 were the bugs to have hanging from the string.  8 to 10 ft. was plenty of depth under the float.   I will say that Peppy grey was by far the top dog.  Roland Duffield  just hammered them.  Thanks again Roland for the goodie box. 

Another big biter was a 1/80th. Lilleys brown or sculpin/peach jig fished under an indicator at about 6-7 ft.  Might have pushed the double tandem scud rig. Easier to throw and fish for sure. 


Footnote here. That jig really, really performed well up into the morning hours. When the boat traffic got bad the scud seemed to slow, but by switching to that peach jig combo, the bite continued. 

Capt. Doty reported the night bite was excellent on bigger baits. 


Fall Creek to Cooper Creek;

Lots if the guides continued the scud theme, either on a drift rig or under the indicator. You had to go to approx. 12/14 ft. of leader out of the restricted zone under the indicator. 

Crawlers were excellent early from Fall Creek to Trout Hollow. 6am till 8am then when the traffic started drop down and float/drift the deeper water from Lilley to Cooper. 


Not much love last week on the Berkley Power Worm, but a bunch expected this week as guide talk has said 2 loads of hatchery fish were dumped from Roark Creek to Lilleys dock. 

Be interesting to see what they do with the water this week as its going down on the White and still rising on the Rock. 

Table Rock water has risen in temperature at least 15 degrees this past week and is now warm and very stagnant, it needs moved, or I feel we may see some adverse circumstances to that fishery.  I think that water will be oxygenated as it moves and will not be harmful for our trout fishery. 

Hopefully another great fishing week ahead of us on Upper Taneycomo

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Great report thanks!   Are you thinking the boat traffic turns them off a bit, but they make a reaction bite to the jigs?  

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I really don't know. Both the jig bite and scud bite died out on me this morning by 8 and the traffic was lite. 

They are on the power worm below Fall Creek, but the quality is pretty shaky. 

Growth rate in the hatchery must be off a bit as the fresh fish were extremely uneven, some at 12" and some as small as 7". 

Phil and Duane were out with a camera crew early this morning and looked to be doing very well in the restricted zone. Don't know what on, but guessing straight line jigs

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