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6/14/21 Report

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Started at the buzzer today and finally stopped fishing at 1pm, all catch and release. They put in 400 today and there were only 50 tags sold at buzzer time according to another angler. I did well with an orange trout worm with one small split shot above it.  Caught a few on a light pink color as well. Count it down 5 and a constant twitch and reel is what they liked.Caught a few at the end of drifts by shaking in current down stream but most caught while bringing the worm across the current. Caught one on a rubber leg jig that I obtained from another fish I caught earlier, then lost it to another fish.
    I couldn’t see the fish but they were hitting hard the first hour. Later on it when I could sight fish it usually took them 2-3 swirls to finally eat it. I caught most above the main riffles but also caught a few in the swift water. Even with the smashed down barb I was getting really good hooks sets so I had very few come off. Broke off a real nice one after I forgot to reset my drag from the previous fish. Had one that was likely over 3lbs pop off down stream in heavy current. I saw that fish from the bank and took about 15 minutes for him to finally hit. The quality of the fish was impressive to me. Only caught a couple dinks out of dozens of fish. 

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