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Trip report 6/14--17

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Fished the upper river (trout water) and the park.  Both up a bit and kinda cloudy.  The river actually fished better than the spring branch , the flotilla of canoes/rafts kept the fish moving, so swinging Leeches, Buggers, and Soft hackles was the quickest way to a limit.IMG_20210614_170349369~2.jpg

Hit the park one afternoon/evening and did ok on my first pass through the HighBank stretch, but once that small group of dinks had been sore-mouthed it was pretty much over.  Ran around and looked at other stretches for a potential Dry Fly bite, but couldn't find any groups of fish anywhere, so I elected to keep pounding the river where Orion (the protector of thieving squirrels) was more welcome. Screenshot_20210616-203820~2.png

Every time I glanced towards the river from our campsite I did a double-take on this Grouse on a log.   Do you see it? IMG_20210617_090235435~2.jpg

I finally sent a kid down to "flush it" so I could stop staring at it. 😅 

We lost a tub of sugar, a dish rag, and a pepper shaker to the campground squirrels and/or coons.  Not sure why they wanted a pepper shaker....but whatever.  

Enjoyable trip I guess.  Ate some good food. Put on a mild tequila bender 2 evenings in a row....but the fishing was kinda slow and boring. Screenshot_20210616-203808~2.png





I really should have let him Swim at the hatchery.....I mean what are they gonna do, write him a ticket? . Pfffft!   He don't GAF!  🙄  The list of warrants for his arrest is longer than his tail.  

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2 minutes ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

I knew you were fishing.  I thought it would smallie fishing though.  NICE!!

I'm going on a huge Smallie kick as soon as work is caught up.  And I needed to get this family trip out of the way.  

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8 minutes ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

Where WE going??

You wanna go with?   That'd be cool 👍

You know all about me and my 5 county rule.....so for me it is the Niangua, Little Niangua, Auglaize, Tavern, Osage fork, Gasconade, and a couple of pedal-in wading creeks whose names are unmentionable due to fear of prosecution. 

I keep thinking about running back up to Monroe co. for an olde-tyme Elk fork trip, but there's always a reason to keep putting it off.   I really miss that stream 🤗 IMG_20140918_154850387_HDR.jpg




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