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6/18 & 6/19 - Springfield Lake

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I was kayak fishing from 6pm til about 8pm last night and then from 6am until about 9:30am this morning at Springfield Lake. There was a wind both times...I believe a winf out of the south last night and from southeast this morning. It was nice because it was hot! This morning was pretty nice though.

I fished the same patterns both times I was out. I plunked a wacky rigged senko style worm along the weed lines. That produced two last night and three this morning. I hooked a 2.2lber this morning and had to use my net for the first time in the yak. I used a drift sock and my anchor trolley to hold boat position while it slowed by drift rate. It worked really well. 

I did try topwater and a Wiggle Wart too but did not get any strikes. But, the worm worked well. That seems to be a winning pattern right now. They are shallow...I have caught several in inches of water near the bank. I am loving fishing in the yak. I have been 8 times out in it already and only once in my bass boat. I love being able to drive 15-30 minutes and be on the water. Itbis challenging too but I am getting my rhythm.










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