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Great time at the fly fishing film event in Cotter this past weekend


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The movie event was a great evening. We started with our local TU chapter meeting under the pavilion in Cotter Park and then moved to the area under the Cotter Rainbow bridge for the movies. They raised $4,000 to help complete the Roundhouse Shoals access project and our TU chapter sold all the remaining raffle tickets for the Jackson Mayfly kayak. The winner was announced and congrats to him. I think he was from Memphis??

Also funny that the big door prize which was a full day fly fishing trip with Steve Dally was won by our TU head GURU Bill Thorne. That should be a great trip as Bill and Steve are are probably the best two fly fishermen on the river. I am sure we will hear some stories on this one.

Here is a recap from Dally's website...

  AWESOME EVEING: f3T UNDER THE BRIDGE – The Ozark Fly Fisher Journal (wordpress.com)


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