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Ozark Anglers Bo James memorial tournament

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On 7/30/2021 at 12:57 AM, aarchdale@coresleep.com said:

Donna said she fishing with me, your on your own.... lol

She dang sure might ditch me ... she once told Kelly Power on the second morning of a Central Pro-Am team tournament that we'd have done better the first day if she hadn't been fishing with a one-trick pony!!! 😆😂😂

Fishing partners can be fickle like that! 


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10 minutes ago, cheesemaster said:

I am in if I am not working. I can bring chips and a couple 12 packs of soda.

Really looking forward to it.

Cool, hope you can make it.  I'll get a food thread going in a bit, thought I would wait until we get inside 2 months before starting that one.

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Sorry I can’t make the tournament.  My wife is having back surgery few days earlier. 

Met Bo by chance. Had left roaring River to make a phone call. Pulled in across the street from his house with my boat behind the truck. 

Had a great visit. He invited me inside. I had heard of his jigs before our chance meeting.   

The jigs are great.  Truly enjoyed how he challenged conventional fishing  thinking with logic, reasoning and most often proof.  Even if a person disagreed with his ideas, he made a very compelling case.

Appreciated his posts.  We only visited a few times.  I appreciate how effective  he appeared to be with standard sonar and fishing equipment.


A lot of catching is the result of paying attention and learning each time out.  And reading the environment  

He seemed to me to be really good at not chasing rabbits and yet making changes and not fishing a location or pattern too long when they aren’t there or active.  

All of the above are skills and habits that I one day hope to have.


I will pray for the family  







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Hey, need a volunteer to be the weigh-in person.  We'll have 2 plaques, one for biggest bass and one for biggest 3 bass limit.  

I have one of those MLF scales, and I guess the best way to weight the 3 bag limit would be to put them in a tourney bag and weigh them with the scale.

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Due to a schedule conflict, I will have to bow out.   Our Boy Scout calendar was not updated,  due to covid.  We now have a camping trip scheduled for that weekend.  If it gets canceled, as things have been, I will update my status.  For now, I will not attend.  

Money is just ink and paper, worthless until it switches hands, and worthless again until the next transaction. (me)

I am the master of my unspoken words, and the slave to those that should have remained unsaid. (unknown)

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