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Small Jaws Just about to Kick Loose.

Bill Babler

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Thanks Mr Bill for inspiring me to drag out the big jigs and go looking for some deeper fish.  I made up some 1 oz jigs and some large trailers and started looking around as I headed down the James from Cape Fair.  The first few stops didn’t produce anything.  We hit a swag on a gravel flat and my neighbor got a nice spot on the large jig.  

I couldn’t get a bite or so I thought.  I switched to a 1/2 oz gp jig with a homemade summer craw (paca craw knockoff) and started getting some action.  The bite was extremely light.  Several times just picking up the bait we would find one on.  We only boated about 10 fish mostly spots.


No other deeper places produced.  I guess I need to drag out my topo maps and do some more studying.  I’m guessing that they were around 20’ deep since we were mostly in 30’.  I plan to look for more places Thursday morning.


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Dutch we couldn’t find them deep Sunday, but they hammered that big jig shallow. Son Steven lost a jig and said he wanted to drop down to a 1/2 oz. since we were shallow   Big jig was the deal for us even shallow. He switched back pretty quick. 

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23 minutes ago, Bill Babler said:

That looks really good. With the water color and what they are spitting up we are giving them a solid dose of orange or copper. 


That’s good to know.  My 1oz jigs are gp and copper.  The trailers have a heavy dose of copper flake.  I may bottom swim a mogombo grub on one of the big jigs just for kicks.  I’m not going to have much time tomorrow.  I have to be off the water by 11.   BTW:  I stopped at the new bait shop in Cape Fair Tuesday.  They are getting an impressive stock of good baits.  I would rather give them my money than John L.

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13 minutes ago, top_dollar said:

Its not surprising that the bass eat giant jigs.  We catch HUGE crawdads at table rock.  Some are pushing 10 inches long.  It seems like most are about 6-8 inches long including the claws.  

Good to know. Makes perfect sense why they'd eat such big lures. When I was guiding on Lake Ouachita years ago, we dropped live crawfish on brushpiles in 20-30 feet of water in late summer/fall for spots. Granted, spots there rarely reach 3 pounds, but you wanted what we called "gray crawfish" and 2 inches was getting close to too big. Different lake, different region. 

Except for sometimes keeping a conservative mess for the clients, we released our fish unharmed by using small circle hooks. Stuck em in the top of the mouth nearly 100% of the time ... as long as the clients would LISTEN and not jerk ... just start reeling when they felt pressure.


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