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Needed someone to direct traffic last night !


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On 8/31/2021 at 5:07 PM, HardHead said:

Sarcasm doesn’t come across real well in print without the blue font. I agree with you champ - across the spectrum citizens are ignoring rules, laws, and mandates being implemented for the greater good and claiming it violates their personal freedoms. It’s selfish BS.

Yes, on forums, in text messages, and more, our electronic means of communication these days do leave a lot to be desired where delivery is concerned. Let me reiterate, I meant no offense whatsoever seeing that you were funning, as we called it when I was a kid.

Onward, boys and girls! 


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39 minutes ago, Champ188 said:

I shouldn't be expected to stay home because I happen to take living and dying seriously. How about YOU stay home if you refuse to use common sense and protect yourself and everyone else against a potentially fatal disease? Some people are so all-fired worried that the gubment is trying to take away their rights ... but the truth is, you never had the right to endanger the lives of others to begin with! So get vaxed, put on a mask in the store or other close spaces, or stay the heck outta my face and space. Good grief, people, let's beat this thing and get on with life.

You do you and I’ll do me 

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Another topic fixing to be ruined by vaccines and covid opinions, thanks!  How does this even happen, stick to the topics ,nobody cares what we think about vax or covid. I don't care if you get jabbed or not . My neighbor got the shot, he still died  from covid . .So sick of hearing about it everywhere I go , and now its on here again. All I want to see and hear here  is fishing stuff.  


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4 hours ago, Fish24/7 said:

So sick of hearing about it everywhere I go , and now its on here again. All I want to see and hear here  is fishing stuff. 

Ya know, the thing I like most about forums is that you can just stop reading and go elsewhere when a topic gets boring, or simply does not interest you anymore.  It isn't like a face to face conversation... where if you just suddenly turn and walk away, you are perceived as being rude.  

Just a little tip to assist with your happiness and sanity while visiting here. 👍

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