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Fished club tournament today and had decent day.  Caught fish on buzz, spook and spinner.  I had 13.30, sprint hammered then with 17.5.  It was a great day not blistering hot and cloudy.  All fish I caught were very shallow.

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What a difference a week makes since the joe Bass last Saturday. 2 kicker bites got me the win! Fishing the same pattern as Fishrman very shallow water. Conditions were perfect cloudy perfect wind. Fished hard where I’ve caught big ones before and it worked out! Wt low 80’s it’s changing guys.



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Man that is some good fishing!  I went today and made myself stay shallow and I stunk it up, 3 little 12" spotted bass.

Did catch a big gar on top, had him snagged in the side of the head, he pulled drag and did some tail walking, couple of times that fish was completely out of the water, kind of neat to see.  Had him head first in the net, I was going to get his head in the net then grab him by the wrist at the tail, but he got a hook snagged on the net and tore free.  Was glad to see him go, but on the other hand would've liked to get a pic.

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