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Bull Shoals Dam C&R area 9/27


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The SWPA schedule showed 35 mw (1 unit) all morning. When we arrived at 7:30 the water was dropping and I thought they might actually drop it to minimum flow which is 7 mw. No such luck, but they did drop it to 20 mw which is wadeable in most areas. Fishing was good with a variety of flies; midges, pheasant tails, Y2K and a tiger tail. I didn't see any risers this morning but did try a crackleback for a while with no results. Ended the morning with around 20 including a 22" rainbow  and a couple more in the 19" -20" range. Also caught a tiger trout and it appears they are growing up some.

Here's a few pics...

Rainbow 2.JPG




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12 minutes ago, Phil Lilley said:

Headed there Wednesday to fish with a guide.  Me and Blake are fishing together.  Looking forward to seeing new water for a change.

Appreciate your reports!

Maybe we will see some minimum flow this week since the lake is below power pool level. We can only hope...

Good luck. 


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