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Sept. 28 Big M area


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Put it in the water about 0645, it's barely light at the time.  Water temp was 75 when I launched.

I decided to go up the Rock Creek arm, wanted to try some shallow top water fishing and throw a jig around.  Top water was a bust, in spite of throwing buzz baits (white and black) and a couple of walkers, I only had one bite on a walker that turned out to be a 14" spot.  

Weird day for jigs, my first jig bite was near a dock, dragging it on the bottom, felt that kind of rubbery feel you sometimes feel when you get a jig bite, but I was a little unsure so drug it a little more and THUMP,  I swung and missed.  Trailer had a claw pulled off.

Got another bite a few minutes later on the other side of the dock - THUMP - swung and missed again, down goes another trailer with a missing claw.

Fished down the bank a ways to where there was a bluff, tossed the jig up there, it sunk for about 2 seconds then just stopped, put a little pressure on it and felt a bite, swung and missed, trailer comes back with BOTH claws missing.

Had another bite about 15 minutes later, that fish just about ripped the rod out of my hand, but somehow it did not get hooked, and yep, it tore up the trailer.

Rest of the morning I could find a bite here and there, missed a few more, caught 2 shorts and a keeper which gave me a total of 4 bass with one keeper.

One good spot that came off at the boat that ate a jig about 20 feet down off a bluff.  Got it right to the boat, I bet it would've gone about 2 and a half.

Had a reasonable number of bites today, but just could not turn them into fish in the boat.  

Monarch butterflies are moving through, saw about 10 today, mostly in the main channel flying south.

Also got buzzed by a couple of A-10's.  They flew right over me, maybe 500 feet up.  They are loud!


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My day at Stockton was similar.  I decided they would eat a spinnerbait or go hungry.  I caught 4 early on a bleeding shiner  with a bare keeper and a 4 1/2# greenie.  I missed several short hits and switched to a bladed jig they also hit it short.  I switched colors but no change. Then it died.  

I got one on a Trig then nothing.  I fished for whites for a while and caught 1 on a trap.


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When they are attacking trailers, I always found that continuing your retrieve or even stalling the bait, as if they were not there, might provoke them to full takes. BTW, walleye guys, the same goes for those eyes that seem to want to chew worm tails.

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11 hours ago, dblades said:

I'm assuming you either shorted the trailer or changed jig colors? 

I did do a few changes along the way.  Changed retrieve, did some swimming of the jig, swimming it got a few bites.  Next chance I get to go, I think I'll use a Keitech as a trailer and do some more swimming.  Might throw a Trap around too, and maybe a jerk bait.  

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