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Taney Report 9-29-21

Bill Babler

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Been rough the last 3 weeks, and from what I heard about yesterday I gave my clients a disclaimer today. Told them they had the choice of not going or just testing the water for a couple of hours. 

Reports from yesterday had guides coming in with woes of 3, 6 and 9 total fish. 

This fishery is really as strange as I have seen it in my near 30 years here. One day good, next several horrible. I have been really lucky to hit the good days. 

Savior for me has been the durn chartreuse mop fly or a 1/2 TJ Micro. 

Clients had a total blast today on the ginger micro. Could not get bit on much else, on warm 58 degree flat water,  but they just hammered that little bug. 

Black, olive, copper head olive have been good but none of that today. Ginger or nothing. 

No fish rising what so ever in either the catch and keep or restricted zone. 

Crawlers were extremely marginal in the keep zone.  In the deeper zone fish seem to be suspended. One if the guides said yesterday below Cooper Creek they were 8' to 10' off the bottom suspended. He could see them on his panoptics and adjusted to the depth and caught some. Most could care less. I know today they were also not on the bottom as much but suspended along the deep bank above Short Creek.  No doubt why the micro worked so well. 

Good Luck and be extremely patient. 

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Great report Bill....I guess that is why they call it fishing...

One thing that jumped out to me was you giving the client the option to fish or not. That smacks of integrity and not typical these days...thanks!! 


A Cornhusker

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  • Root Admin

I did real well this morning, fly fishing, shallow water tactics.  Fished the shallow side of the lake, Andy's down to Narrows.  So shallow the fish's backs were out of the water at times.  #12 grey or tan scud weightless.  7 x tippet but probably could have gotten away with 6x.  Small float and 12 inches deep.

It was FUN!

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