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Mid Lake/Ferry area


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Anyone been fishing the area where the ferry crosses over at Protem. How is the bass and crappie bite, right now. You can send me a message if you do not want to post it on here. 

What is the water temperature? 

How is the water clarity? 

Lake Level?


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We haven't gone around Pro Tem, but partner and I have made two trips recently out of K Dock, trying to fish for crappie and walleye.  Zip on the walleyes, and we've really had to work hard for a few keeper crappie.  (They're all black crappie, and most of the ones we caught were a little short.)  Water temp was 77 a few days ago, and clarity was good.  Lake level was 657 the last I looked.  We think the lake level needs to stay steady and stabilize for a little while, as it was brought down so fast recently - and once that happens fishing should improve a lot.  We keep thinking about all the fish in there that didn't get any fishing pressure most of this year while the water was so ridiculously high.  If we can get a stable, normal water level for awhile now, there should be some good fishing before winter sets in.

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