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Squirrels cutting limbs


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8 hours ago, jdmidwest said:

Not many Elm trees left around here.  Ash are dying by the groves too.

I heard about the green ash borer and what it might do to the ash trees so I had mine logged a couple of years ago.  

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As a long time squirrel hunter some good info in this thread 

oaks of the white variety bear mast on that years flowers/tassels and typically produce more in a good year less in a bad one

oaks of a red variety product mast on last years flower/tassels and as you would expect less nuttage per season but are more reliable season to season

white Oak acorns have less tannins and are sweeter, are typically larger than their red oak brethren wild life will hit the white oaks 1st…..it is said the red oak acorns are better after they sit later in the season……good to know if you are hunting things that eat them 😉😉😉

MONKEYS? what monkeys?

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