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2 hours ago, DADAKOTA said:

For you sight fishers - Once you catch the fish off the bed in the MLF format, will it go back to the bed when released?  If so, how long before it will bite again?  Wondering if these guys can go back to fish they previously caught in an earlier round and catch them again.

I watched bits and pieces and at least one of these guys indicated that the fish he caught had been caught before, and that it was possible to pick up fish others in the competition had already scored.  Also, a few mentioned hooking up a fish more than once and losing it before finally bringing it to hand.  I just wanted to see if these guys were picking on my pets….did not see our dock but I have no doubt there were/are boats working that cove.  Did pick up a few skipping tips while I watched.



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Im not a huge fan of the weigh every 2lb fish, zero the weight, and all that confusing stuff that MLF does but man their coverage is excellent. The HD quality and drone shots where you can see from above a guy working a bed and even see his bait. Just gotta mute the peanut gallery that constantly talks over the anglers

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The answer is yes the fish most often in that format will return to the bed, when released a mire few feet from where it was caught. 

Caught my largest SM ever off a bed. Took her over to Big M Marina when Denver Dixion owned it. I'm showing my age here. She was 6#3oz. On his scales. I took her back and released her right on the bed. She swam off. I came back later that day and she was back up there I flipped the tube back in there and she carried it out of the bed and dropped it as I did not set it on her again. No male, just her by herself, both times. 

That's pretty much the extent of my bed fishing. 

Andy Morgan fished Bollinger today. Fished the same water as Browning fished yesterday. 

Buddy said he saw Browning in Rainey Creek today, so he was about 20 miles above anyone else. 

If Wheeler stalls on those bedders tomorrow, those river guys will run him down. Their fishing my home water. 

Also those fish JVD is catching are staging pre-spawn females. Might be a post in there, but they are clean and fat. He is catching big ones. 

I think he also has a shot if Wheeler can't see his or they have moved off.

Browning and JVD have been on them all week. Browning has more water than JVD, as I believe JVD is recycling his. Browning has Proctor Creek, The Buffalo's, Lick Creek, and 2 dozen more stained spawning areas up there by himself especially on a rainey Thursday. 

One Heck of a boat ride from PB2, but worth a 100 big ones. I've made that run a bunch, for a whole lot less. 

Shoot, I've seen them run clear to Deer Creek from PB2. 

Are they all launching from PB2 or can they launch anywhere? I'm pretty sure its PB2 and they get 30 minutes to get to their hole, prior to start. 

Bollinger is probably the last river mileage with a signal between there and Deer Creek and Deer Creek would be Warsaw and really spotty. That's why no Browning. 

Be interesting tomorrow. 

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Well, Wheeler struggled today. Wiggins wasn’t even on my radar for top 5, let alone the win. LOZ showed good for those watching around the country. Should help the lake bring in some visitors since the lake is so unknown and unpopulated. 

TinBoats BassClub.  An aluminum only bass club. If interested in info send me a PM. 

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I have been watching the live feed and also watching them fish my cove and it has been fun. I  talked to Jordan Lee from my dock and he is a nice kid.

After watching many of them using spinning gear to throw small finesse baits around docks so much I decided to try it myself yesterday evening. 

I put a small finesse straight tail worm on a very light ned type head with a weed guard and skipped it around a little. In less then a hour I had 4 keepers (15"). Including this dandy. Best part was I never started the big motor because 6.12 Bass.jpgthey were all in my cove. 


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