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Fishing with Wrench


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Glen and I just finished a 3 day experience on Gravois Creek on Lake O this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Fished with a flyrod for bass throwing streamers and top waters with some success. Best bite was with a jig around docks and throwing a Carolina rig lizard or french fry on points. Weather was great not that many boats. Had a great time fishing with Wrench, he is a stick. He needs a little help cooking cornbread though.

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9 minutes ago, jdmidwest said:

How can you screw up cornbread??

 I go by the "Golden brown" rule with fish, and cornbread, and french fries.

I didn't realize that Doug was color blind, and we got into a big fight in the kitchen.   It's all good though......or at least it WAS until he kicked Orion out of his bed and hurt his feelings.  😥 

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25 minutes ago, Flysmallie said:

That's awesome. Did either of you change your facebook statuses to "in a relationship" yet? 

Not yet, but he did try to sit in my lap when I was moving the boat from spot to spot.   Until he learns how to cook fish and cornbread I'm really not that interested.  🙄

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3 hours ago, Ketchup said:

Dude, this kinda feels like I’m being cheated on. I was going to bring you my boat to wash, but i think i will go elsewhere. 

I have a kid that does a pretty good job detailing boats.  She's real cranky, and it's obvious that she doesn't enjoy her "work", bitches and whines the whole time........but if you just tune her out, the results in the end are definitely satisfactory.    👍😁

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Well, we had another 'bout of it the last couple days in between home improvement projects.   Ol' Dougy Poo is pretty handy to have around 🙂  

Hung some screen doors, got into a few mild arguments about "brick molding", and he almost got me divorced twice in 2 days...... but it all ironed itself out.  

Did some dip-bait catfishing a couple evenings and caught enough for a mediocre fish fry, then went bass fishing last night.   Me and the old fart put almost 15lbs. in the boat in 3 hours.   It was hella fun!   

Thanks for all your help Doug!  👍😁 






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