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Fishing with Wrench


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5 hours ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

So what you’re saying is he actually stood up to her😂

Are you kidding me?  

He instigated the battle, then crawled under a blanket and hid from her...... Totally left ME to supply defense for the entire team.   Typical Irishman!   🙄 

I'm proud to say that the battle was victorious nonetheless. 💪😎👍

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I had a great time down at Glens place the last couple of days. Caught a few fish ,had some laughs, stayed up half the night telling tall tales and managed not to get our butts kicked by his better half .I definitely ran some interference for him at times and not so much at others. Glen is a pretty good stick at fishing. Glad we are friends.

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