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New Marine Detailer

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So I tried a new marine detailer in Nixa . Top Gun Marine Detail . He is located in the old Top Gun Marine building. Really good dude who knows his stuff . I wasn’t sure what to expect because I’ve never had my boat detailed before. I usually wash and wax it myself . Well after about 5 years it was time to try this service out . Honestly I can’t believe how amazing my rig turned out. He steam cleaned the carpets, buffed everything out , washed the hull, uv resistant wax , took everything out of the lockers . Cleaned every inch of this boat and motor.  My hull was yellowing and top cap had scratches . I dropped it off at 9 and it was done around 2 . I’ll attach some pictures . I really didn’t know this boat could look showroom new again . Just a crazy good job! I definitely recommend him for bass and fishing boats . He’s also a fellow fisherman 9888F6D9-8585-424C-89EB-951193722B94.jpeg875C03C1-C5FD-457E-9A26-325CBF9B5347.jpegA87C022D-9B62-4604-B7B3-C4F28076D31A.jpeg44FBB947-C9A8-4318-BAE8-31EF9D0C8C17.jpegD035E2B0-70B6-4A52-8B47-E678B136C63B.jpeg117F0A58-0935-451C-87CA-017AB026262A.jpegB48E5CF5-2AE3-4F84-9434-C724B39EFD7E.jpeg53E321F8-29D5-4B92-95B6-388E889E3C05.jpeg3A697F68-EEFE-4D13-ACFA-FEB89B942FC8.jpeg4DE96847-3DA4-4D4B-BAC1-122792E5775D.pngED0D6399-D552-46D0-B1AB-C87DFA2D695D.jpegA23EFC5B-4270-47DD-AD8A-132F2E2EB4EC.jpeg

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4 minutes ago, aarchdale@coresleep.com said:

Looks great, what kind of price tag does he put on it? Mine could use some love too

I think it’s based on what you want done . Simple wash and wax is very affordable . He went all out on mine , it was well worth every penny . He’s on Facebook and his number is 417 429 0269

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