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Ardent Monotex

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What do you know about it? I stopped at BPS to pick up some Nanofil, none in stock which sent me on a search of what they did have.  Couldn't find any I like in the right color or poundage.  I did however find some Ardent Monotex or maybe GLISS, either way.  It was super slick and the diameter of 12# test felt tiny.  So what the heck I but a 150 yard spool.  The one thing I really don't like is that is is a dark green and simply vanishes.  I am a line watcher at times and if nothing else bright line makes it easier to tie for old corrupt eyes.  But I have it and can use it for things that don't require me to watch. I can see issues with knots maybe but surely I can over come that.  If not I have spent more and gotten less.  But any info you fellers might have would be appreciated.  Maybe I can add some info in the near future.

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I did play with the monitex a bit in the yard, so far not overwhelmed.  Casting distance didn't seem to be any better than my 8 lb Nanofil.  The stuff is slick for sure, had issues with it sliding off my finger and costing me some distance and accuracy.  I used a uni to uni knot to tie on a mono leader and gave it a good hard pull to test it, hel just fine but so far I don't plan to replace the rest of my lines with it.  Now for whatever reason Nanofil 8# in the white color is impossible to find in stock anywhere, but time is on my side looking for it.

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