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Springfield Lake during the Day

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Are you fishing from the bank or in a boat? Usually, I find the fish in weed beds...literally casting right up against them or in them. On calm, sunny days, a creature bait or worm is the ticket. On windy days, a spinnerbait works very well running it parallel to weeds (right up against them or through sparse weed areas). I also target laydowns. For these I will use a crankbait...depends on depth...but will use squarebill for shallow, flat-side for medium (5-10ft), and a deeper diving crankbait for 10ft and deeper around the laydowns or wood structure. A spinnerbait may work around these areas too...as does a jig. I haven't had a topwater bite yet on Lake Springfield....but if it is calm or light breeze (early morning or just before dark)...a buzz bait or walking bait has worked in the past. I need to get out and try to see if I can catch any schooling fish in deeper water. I have found some on my graph....especially in North part of lake where it is more narrow and has deeper channels. I have only fished below the dam once. The weed beds produced fish for me down there though. I didn't have a trolling motor back then and the current was more than I wanted to deal with as you get further from the dam area.

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